Although I spent half of my life living in St. Paul and Minneapolis (Minnesota), Atlanta (Georgia), Dallas and Galveston (Texas), I was born and raised in Eau Claire, and have deep roots here, going back generations on both sides of my family.

Ever since I can remember, I loved math, art, organizing & design. In elementary school, my nephew & I use to draw our “dream house floor plan.” We’re not just talking about once or twice, but all the time, regularly… before bed, on rainy Saturday mornings, or whenever we couldn’t go outside. Each time, outdoing our last rendition. And although these drawings may not have been to scale or included plumbing, HVAC systems or electrical systems, these floor plans were on grid paper, were overall realistically proportionate & pretty intricate for two elementary kids.

As a teen I worked mostly in the hotel industry, working for my family’s businesses. By my freshman year of high school, I had fallen in love with geometry & CAD, and in the following years I wanted to be an architect.

By college, I passed on architecture school & ended up in principles of design, color theory & psychology, communications, humanities, data structure, information architecture, user interface design, photography, audio and graphic design classes, receiving my degree in Interactive Media and Web Design from the Art Institute of Dallas and graduating from The Art Institute International of Minnesota in 2006.

I started my first real estate class in 2012, and most of my adult life was spent in tourism, travel and information sectors, focusing on content, organic SEO and keyword research. As a Marketing Manager, I led my team to win Vacation Rental Manager Association’s (VRMA) International Excellence Award for Best Marketing Campaign in 2021.

Finally earning my real estate license in 2020, I use my digital design & marketing experience, an eye for design & knowledge of content & SEO, to assist clients showcase their property in the best possible light, to earn the highest offer as efficiently & effective as possible.

Why I chose Century 21 is stated best in their very first two fundamental company objectives:

  1. Provide the most stimulating and productive environment possible so that our Agents can provide the best professional service to their customers and clients as they help them make excellent housing decisions.
  2. To render only the highest standards of professional service to the public, operating competitively and fairly with other real estate professionals.

Mandy Shea Williams

Authenticity is everything!

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