I was born and raised in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with family roots going back multiple generations on both sides. Although I lived in Minnesota and Texas for half of my life, I decided to move back home for good in 2021 because of my strong family ties.

From a young age, I had a passion for math, art, organizing, and design. My nephew and I used to draw our “dream house floor plans” on grid paper for fun, always trying to outdo our previous rendition.

As a teenager, I discovered my love of geometry and computer-aided design (CAD) but continued to work mostly in the hotel industry, including my family’s businesses.

After high school, I pursued my passion for design by earning a degree in Interactive Media and Web Design from the Art Institute of Dallas and the Art Institute International of Minnesota in 2006. During my studies, I took courses in design principles, color theory, social sciences, communications, humanities, data structures, information architecture, user interface design, photography, audio, and graphic design.

Although I took my first real estate class in 2012 and obtained my license in 2020, I continued my career in tourism, travel, property management and information fields; focusing on content, organic SEO and keyword research, where as a Regional Marketing Manager, I led my team to win an International award – Vacation Rental Manager Association’s (VRMA) International Excellence Award for Best Marketing Campaign.

As your Realtor and agent, I will leverage my eye for design, marketing expertise, and knowledge of content and SEO to showcase your property in the best possible light, maximize its value, and streamline the sales process.

Why I chose Century 21 is stated best in their very first two fundamental company objectives:

  1. Provide the most stimulating and productive environment possible so that our Agents can provide the best professional service to their customers and clients as they help them make excellent housing decisions.
  2. To render only the highest standards of professional service to the public, operating competitively and fairly with other real estate professionals.

Mandy Shea Williams

Authenticity is everything!

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