Mandy Shea Williams, REALTOR®

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You’re about to make the biggest transaction of your life. You’re investing in your future, it only makes sense to invest in a professional who will be more than just a guide when purchasing or selling real estate.


Investigating and researching property details such as covenants are a REALTORS® priority to each of their clients

Tour Guide

Your REALTOR® will be your personal tour guide to find the home that fits your requirements in a home while respecting your budget. Also, right before closing, it is essential to do a final walk through. Your REALTOR® will schedule and assist you on that final step before closing day.


Whether it’s scheduling meetings, showings, inspections or closings your local REALTOR® has their calendar organized and ready to coordinate all of the details.

Marketing Manager

While selling your home, investing in advertising, marketing and open houses are necessary. REALTORS® invest in these things to offset your cost and time.


No one wants to pay too much, ever. Why overpay on the BIGGEST purchase of your life? A REALTOR® analyzes and understands the real estate market to know the fair market value.


REALTORS® are the experts in your area. Their experience enables them to spot out the good deals. An expert REALTOR® will have YOUR best interests in mind when negotiating in selling or buying a home. Writing a competitive offer is essential. A REALTOR® has the experience and knowledge to write a competitive, winning offer.


REALTORS advocate on issues related to homeownership and private property rights. There’s even a day, where REALTORS® gather annually at Wisconsin’s capital with government officials to discuss these topics.


Material defect in a property? Your trusted REALTOR® will disclose all known material defects to you.


Collaboration is key to growth. C21 Affiliated REALTORS® share experiences, educate, network with other real estate professionals to not only grow professionally but to expand their services to their clients.


REALTORS® commit their loyalty to their buyers with a Buyer Representation Agreement or to sellers with a Listing Contract. They ensure their clients understand the services provided, the process and benefits provided to them. They are committed to keeping your personal information safe and confidential.


Laws are designed to protect people. Federal and State Fair Housing laws do just that. Your REALTOR® will explain and honor those laws to help and protect people. REALTORS® per state law, provide information on reviewing the sex-offender registry and crime statistics for the neighborhood before choosing to write
an offer. No one wants to be taken advantage of either. REALTORS® are educated on the tricks hackers try on buyers and sellers. These professionals will advise and share how to avoid wire fraud.


Guidance from a real estate expert will take the headache out of the legal jargon in multiple documents necessary to sell or buy real estate.

Financial Advisor

Unsure where to start when establishing a budget? A REALTOR® can provide the guidance to starting a personalized household budget. Staying true to a budget is a smart financial decision. A REALTOR® respects their clients’ budget and financial decisions when looking for their next real estate purchase.


Count on REALTORS® to be the carrier in the real estate profession. Delivering legal documents to other REALTORS®, title companies and you! They may also go the extra mile and deliver your mail to you after closing day.


Coaches always need to strategize a winning game plan for their team’s success. REALTORS® are educated in utilizing specific documents when necessary in highly competitive situations.


Cheerleader We’ve all needed someone at sometime to root for us. Your REALTOR® is the cheerleader you need during your home buying or selling process. They are here for YOU! You’re #1! Your housing needs are first. Your budget comes first. These items are top priority when your REALTOR® is researching homes before scheduling a showing.


Building relationships in the real estate industry is critical. REALTORS® are able to provide quality lenders, contractors & mover recommendations to their clients due to this.


Whether it’s your first transaction or not there’s always something to learn. REALTORS® will take the time to educate their clients throughout the entire process.


In order for REALTORS® to work with consumers, they must follow strict licensing requirements. REALTORS® are required to complete 18 hours of education every two years. *License requirements in the state of Wisconsin Coach Coaches always need to strategize a winning game plan for their team’s success. REALTORS® are educated in utilizing specific documents when necessary in highly competitive situations.


Our communities are important. REALTORS® are involved and volunteer in their local communities.


REALTORS® listen. REALTORS® research. REALTORS® give options. REALTORS® are matchmakers. Matching buyers with their future home.